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Lawnscapes Defined


Lawn & Tree root Zone Interaction


The "Lawnscapes" in our company name, is a term Green Turf Lawnscapes coined back in 1984, referring to the delicate balancing act Green Turf performs while managing the interaction between the root system of your lawn and the root system of your trees. We don't just focus on what's above the ground...we focus on what your eyes can't see.

The Conflict

Too many times when your lawn is nice and green, the trees are being overwatered  by the irrigation system.  Lawns that are historically overwatered year after year have shallow root systems. 

Lawns that are receiving fast release liquid fertilizers can also be plagued by shallow rooting.  Sod growing fields are watered frequently and lightly to encourage the roots to stay within a 1/2" of the surface; this way when they cut the sod the majority of the roots go with the roll of sod. 

In home lawns we want to water infrequently and very deeply.  Did you know that many weed and feed products can actually harm shallow rooted trees?  It's true!

During the heat of the summer, lawns that are being overwatered will contain stressed trees that  tend to have many issues that can affect their health, such as  insect and disease infestations.  Nutrient deficiencies can, and do, show up because the soil is just too wet and saturated soils mean there is not enough oxygen in the soil to support proper growth. 

Many trees over many years will direct their root systems to come to the surface so they can obtain enough oxygen.  Trees require infrequent deep watering but if you have a shallow rooted lawn, the grass will turn yellow and then brown during drought and heat. 

In other words, the trees and the lawns do not play well together unless you train both to do so.

The Solution the solution that Green Turf Lawnscapes has pioneered is a system that causes the  roots of your lawn and trees to grow very deep so the infrequent watering doesn't cause all of the ill effects of frequent, shallow watering.

We have also eliminated all of the weed killers that can harm tree roots.  Our herbicides are applied as a very thin coat that only wets the blades.  The "Liquid Fertilizer" companies that apply  weed killers with their fertilizer drench the soil, which rinses the killers down to the tree roots.

Without giving away all or secrets, these are just a few of the principles we employ, this is the art of lawnscaping by Green Turf Lawnscapes.


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